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  • 400 CID V8, 10.5:1 Compression Ratio
  • Cutlass Supreme Sports Coupe (1 of 4,751 Made in 1967)
  • 350 HP @ 5000 RPM
  • 440 lb-ft Torque @ 3200 RPM
  • Close Ratio 4 Speed Transmission
  • 4.11:1 Anti-Spin Differential
  • Dealer installed W-30 Ram Air Package
  • 4 Point Roll Cage
  • Bucket Seats
  • 115" Wheelbase, 204.2" Overall Length, 53.6" Overall Height
  • 75.4" Overall Width, 3450 Lbs
  • 9.86 pounds per Horsepower
  • I have been aware of the existance of this car for about 5 years but had not seen it until the summer of 2005. I first heard of it when my friend Rick at Golden Oldies Performance, Inc. in Wiscasset, Maine had the owner drive in with a minor mechanical problem. Rick also knew of the car and its owner but was very impressed with the condition of the car and proceeded to check it out. It wasn't long before he discovered that there were cutouts in the radiator support for the outside air intake scoops which were provided with the W-30 package. The cutouts were not factory smooth and the car did not have the red inner fenders so we determined that it had once been a Trac-Pac car where the W-30 option was added by the dealer after the car had been delivered. The W-30 option included a special balanced & blueprinted motor with performance camshaft, special air cleaner, outside air intakes above and below the parking lights with hoses leading to the air cleaner, and relocation of the battery to the trunk. The car had been heavily modified for drag racing and really was not suitable for the street.

    In the summer of 2005, I learned that the owner was interested in selling the car. Rick and I met with him to more fully evaluate the car and see it run. When we got to the owners house, he was trying to start it but was having difficulty because one of the battery cables was corroded. With the addition of a jumper cable he finally got it started and backed it out of the garage. The car was gorgeous! Following is a list of what had been done to the engine & drive train (the car looks stock from the outside)


    • 1967 400 CID engine blueprinted and balanced
    • Ported & Polished original “C” heads w/roller rocker arms & push rods
    • Lunardy MP-105 camshaft w/gear drive timing
    • Intake manifold with 2 Carter AFB 750 CFM carburetors & linkage
    • 10 quart oil pan with windage tray
    • Fiberglass Flex fan
    • Heavy duty ignition system with high tension wires


    • Tubular automotive 2” wrap around headers
    • 2½ low restriction turbo mufflers
    • Original style tail pipes

    Drive line

    • 4 speed Super T-10 close ratio transmission
    • Explosion proof bell housing
    • Competition clutch & pressure plate
    • Hurst competition shifter with line lock
    • 12 bolt with 4.11 gears, Henry’s 31 spline axles & Moroso heavy-duty posi
    • Completely adjustable rear suspension, lowered front suspension
    • Air lift rear coil spring bags


    • Chromed valve covers, fan shroud, air cleaners
    • Dual electric fuel pumps & fuel lines
    • Dual trunk mounted batteries (necessary for high compression engine)
    • 4” wide x 15” dia polished aluminum slotted wheels on front
    • 10” wide x 15” dia polished aluminum slotted wheels on rear

    After closely inspecting the car, we determined that it had been repainted once a long time ago. The paint was so good (it is the original lacquer) that it is almost undetectable.

    I determined, at that time that the car did not really fit in with my collection since it was so "high strung" (the motor would barely idle at 2,000 RPM) but offered to help the owner to sell it as a "Nostalgia Drag Car". I put an ad in www.442.com and several other places, and received a flurry of activity for a while mostly from people trying to buy it for cheap money, and then no further responses.

    In the fall of 2005, the owner and I came to an agreement. He would sell me the car less the race engine, headers, wheels and tires. Since then I have installed a correct 1967 400CID motor rebuilt to W-30 specs that I had purchased earlier, and made the modifications necessary to make the car street worthy. I have also installed the W-30 air cleaner I had also purchased earlier and reproduction W-30 inner air ducts. I will install the outer air ducts when I receive them. Golden Oldies Performance, Inc. in Wiscasset, ME did all of the work which turned out to be quite a bit more than originally anticipated.

    The car is a 1967 Spanish Red Cutlass Supreme Sports Coupe built in Framingham, MA the 2nd week of April 1967 and was originally equipped with a the Oldsmobile 400 CID V8, Quadrajet Carburetor, Muncie 4 speed floor shift (no console) and black interior with bucket seats.

    It was purchased on April 20, 1967 from Merrimack Street Garage in Manchester, NH with drag racing in mind. It was raced at Oxford Plains Dragway in Oxford Plains, ME (97 mph in 1/8 mile) and Winterport Dragway in Winterport, ME where it set a record (at that time) of over 140 mph in 1/4 mile. The original owner told me that with the race engine & 10" slicks he could pull the front wheels off the ground easily. He had wanted to purchase the car as a W-30 but the dealer "talked him out of it". At some point, the original owner installed the W-30 Trac-Pac (all that was left of the Trak Pak when I got it was the trunk battery tray and the cutouts for the air induction scoops). Apparently the car was still not fast enough to suit the owner and it was completely rebuilt to be a dedicated drag car. I have been in contact with the original owner and hope to learn more of the car's history.

    Although the car can't ever become original again (the original motor and drive train is long gone) I have brought it back to the Trac-Pac configuration it once held. In the summer of 2017 I sold this car to an Oldsmobile Collecter who will take good care of her.


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